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Course structure and schedule

The two-year CCA course is divided into 8 blocks with strong emphasis on:

  • project management and showrunning
  • development of story ideas and scripts, analysis and dramaturgy of texts
  • directing and editing
  • internship at TV Nova/TV Markíza and involvement in the development, preparation and shooting of TV programmes

Admissions procedure to the first year CCA:
May – June 2024

Programme start:
October 2024

During the two-year intensive course, teaching in class alternates with practical experience while working on specific CME programmes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Teaching takes place in Brno, mostly in Czech, except for international lecturers. In the course’s first year, participants focus on the production of non-fiction entertainment and reality show formats with some insights into the documentary series production. In the second year, the study focuses on the production of fiction.

In the instructional phase, each day has a specific theme and the courses are divided into blocks with regard to the availability of international lecturers.

Mondays are reserved for the development of modern television and TV genres and the basics of copyright law in collaboration with selected journalists and academics.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are devoted to seminars and modules by television professionals who employ case studies to gradually introduce participants to all key stages of the creative, production and post-production processes in the development of a television programme.

Thursdays are dedicated to personal development subjects – mental hygiene, professional English, contemporary art history, as well as the basics of mathematics and data analysis which are required to understand the strategy of global TV players such as Netflix.

On Fridays, participants collaborate with mentors and consultants on the development of their own projects.

The purpose of the course is not only to master the actual practice but to gain a comprehensive insight into the contemporary television world.

Thanks to the Television Institute and its close association with the Serial Killer festival, the programme features speakers from among key figures of the contemporary European television industry, headed by members of the TVI Expert Board, as well as prominent CME representatives.

Czech personalities include Emmy winner, producer and chairman of the Audiovisual Producers’ Association Vratislav Šlajer, a prominent producer and head of development at TV Nova and Voyo Michal Reitler, award-winning documentary filmmaker Erika Hníková, director Jan Prušinovský and many others.